Unsure about something Star Wars related? Want to learn some Star Wars words that are canon? Come here for all your reference material you might need for your RPing experience.

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  • Wookieepedia
    A Wiki that provides a good source of accurate information on the Star Wars universe.
  • Map of the Star Wars Galaxy
    A basic link to a jpg image that shows a map of the galaxy and where all the planets are located in relation to each other. Even some major hyperspace trading routes in there, for possible ideas.
  • Acceptable Star Wars Swears
    Let's face it, we're reasonable mature individuals here (or at least we hope so). You don't need to say the 's' word or the 'f' word all the time. First of all, it isn't that creative or polite; not to mention they never used those words in Star Wars. So here is a list of fun replacement to swear words that are Star Wars canon based.
  • Star Wars Drinks
    Tired of going into a bar and ordering the same old thing? Here is a list of star wars drinks that you might want to try out next time your sitting in a cantina in a galaxy far far away.
  • List of food and beverages
    More Food and beverages from the galaxy far far away taken from the wookieepedia site.
  • Roleplaying Guide 101
    A useful link to the generic rules/guidelines of RPing from Anki on the Ninja Forum. While it's not necessarily Star Wars based, it does cover many things across the board and is worth a look at.
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