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Star Wars Timeline

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Pre-Republic Era:
circa 1,000,000 BBY- Hutts leave Varl and settle on planet they christen "Nal Hutta"
- The Corellian system is presumably formed by the Architects.

c. 500,000 BBY - Devaronians achieve space travel

c. 100,000 BBY - Dawn of Sith(species) civilization on Korriban
- Predecessors of Jedi reside on Tython
- The planet Coruscant is now covered entirely by its principal city, later known as Galactic City.

c. 35,000 - the Rakata(species) forms the "Infinite Empire"

c. 30,000 BBY - the "Infinite Empire" reaches its peak, and the Rakata construct the Star Forge

c. 28,000 BBY - Sith ruler, King Adas, unites sith nations on Korriban

c. 27,700 BBY - Sith defeat Rakata and move capital to Zoist and designate Korriban a tombworld

c. 25,200 BBY - Plague sweeps galaxy that kills only Rakata, "Infinite Empire" collapses as a result

c. 25,100 BBY - Force Wars on Tython begin

Old Republic Era:
c. 25,000 BBY - Formation of Galactic Republic
- Creation of Jedi Order

24,500 BBY - First Great Schism: Legions of Lettow (faction of dark jedi led by General Xendor) rebel against Jedi Order

c. 10,000 BBY - Lost City of the Jedi constructed on Yavin IV
- Lightsabers are invented

7003 BBY - Second Great Schism: Dark Jedi declare themselves independent of Jedi Council

7000 BBY - Dark Jedi rebel against Jedi Order and the Hundred Year Darkness begins

6900 BBY- Hundred Year Darkness ends, surviving Dark Jedi, named Exiles, are banished to uncharted region of Outer RIm where they conquer Sith species and become Sith Lords. Dark Jedi control region know as Sith space, the location of which remains unknown by Jedi until Fall of Sith Empire

5000 BBY - death of Dark Lord of the Sith, Marka Ragnos instigates schism between Sith Lords Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh
- Great Hyperspace War (Republic wins)
- Naga Sadow escapes to Yavin IV

4990 BBY - Fall of First Sith Empire

c. 4400 BBY - Jedi Freedon Nadd falls to the Dark Side under the spirit of Naga Sadow's tutelage

4,250 BBY
- The Third Great Schism.
- The Vultar Cataclysm. (dark jedi annihilate enitre Vultar planetary system)

4,200 BBY
- Sith-inspired Mecrosa Order is founded

4,000 BBY - Great Sith War begins

3997 BBY- Jedi Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma become Sith Lords

3996 BBY - Ulic Qel-Droma is stripped of his powers
- Exar Kun spirit is trapped on Yavin IV
3,995 BBY
-The Great Hunt is started by the Jedi to exterminate the terentateks.

3,993 BBY
- The Great Hunt ends.

3,965 BBY - Mandalorian Wars begin

3,960 BBY -Mandalorian Wars end

3,959 BBY - Jedi Civl Wars begin
- Revan becomes Dark Lord of the Sith, Malak following him

3,957 BBY- Revan defeated aboard his flagship when Malak betrays him. . Bastila Shan brings Revan back to the Jedi, who use the Force to strip his memories and create a new identity for him.

3,956 BBY- Revan kills Malak in a lighsabre duel, and the Star Forge is destroyed by the Republic Fleet
- End of the Jedi Civil War.
- First Sith Civil War begins

3,955 BBY
- Revan disappears into the Unknown Regions.
- The First Sith Civil War ends.
- Sith Triumivate takes power (Darth Traya, Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion)
- First Jedi Purge begins.

3,952 BBY
- The Conclave on Katarr is called to discuss the future of the Jedi Order.
- The Sith Lord Darth Nihilus uses his massive Force powers to feed off of the life on Katarr, destroying all life on the planet, (except for the Miraluka Visas Marr), and virtually wipes out the Jedi Order.

3,951 BBY
-The Exile reestablishes connection to the Force, then kills Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion and Darth Traya, who have spent the last five years assassinating Jedi.
- First Jedi Purge ends.
- The Second Sith Civil War begins.
- End of the Old Sith Wars.

c. 2,000 BBY
- Jedi Master Phanius absconds from the order with a stolen Holocron.
- The departure from the Jedi Order of Phanius and his followers becomes the Fourth Great Schism.
- Phanius takes the name Darth Ruin.
- Rise of the New Sith
- The New Sith War begins

Fall of Republic/Rise of Empire Era:
c. 1,000 BBY
- Brotherhood of Darkness established

1,000 BBY
- Battle of Ruusan (Darth Bane orchestrates defeat of Brotherhood of Darkness
- Darth Bane establishes the Rule of Two

896 BBY
- Yoda is born on an unknown planet, and later begins his training with Hysalrian Jedi Master N'Kata Del Gormo on an unknown swamp planet.

c. 800 BBY
- Yoda begins to train Jedi in the ways of the Force.

796 BBY
- Yoda is granted the title of Jedi Master.

c. 300 BBY
- The Bothan Spynet is established.

32 BBY
- Return of the Sith
- Death of Darth Maul and Qui-Gon Jinn
- Senator Palpatine elected Supreme Chancellor
- Count Dooku leaves the Jedi Order

22 BBY
- Clone Wars begin

Birth of the Empire:
19 BBY
- Clone Wars end
- Galactic Empire created
- Great Jedi Purge begins

1 BBY - Rebellion takes shape

Rebellion Era:
0 ABY - Battle of Yavin (first Death Star destroyed)

3 ABY - Battle of Hoth

4 ABY - Battle of Endor (destruction of 2nd Death Star)

New Republic Era:
- The New Republic is established.

- Rogue Squadron reforms under Wedge Antilles.
- New Republic forces switch from the guerilla tactics of the Alliance to a campaign of claiming important Core worlds as the Empire's grip crumbles.

-The New Republic captures Coruscant from what remains of the Empire

9 ABY - The Thrawn Crisis
-Grand Admiral Thrawn's attempt to destroy the New Republic and restore dignity to the Galactic Empire fails.

10 ABY
-Emperor Palpatine is reborn in a clone body and makes Luke Skywalker his second in command, but Luke turns against him and kills Palpatine with Leia and destroys his flagship Eclipse

11 ABY

- The Imperial Remnant temporarily recaptures Coruscant, but splinters into two factions, and fights with each other. The New Republic is forced to hide at Pinnacle Base.
- Luke Skywalker establishes a Jedi academy on Yavin IV. Leia becomes the Chief of State of the New Republic.
- Kyp Durron, under the influence of Exar Kun, uses the Sun Crusher to destroy Carida.
- Exar Kun's spirit is destroyed.
- Palpatine's spirit is incapacitated.

14 ABY
-Rise and fall of the Disciples of Ragnos.

16 ABY
-The Black Fleet Crisis.

17 ABY
-The Almanian Uprising.

18 ABY
-The Corellian Insurrection.

19 ABY
-The New Republic and the last fragment of the Empire sign a peace treaty ending all legalized conflict between the Empire and the New Republic.

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