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PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 2:56 am
by General Fou Fou
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 1:52 pm
by Kevin
Three years.

It had been three years ago that everything had seemed to simply.. fall apart. It didn't feel like three years.. but then, that was one of the quirks of the passage of time: it always seemed inaccurate. Three years was such a small difference, it was hard to believe it had been that long; but at the same time, it felt like an eternity had passed, and yet, it was only three years' difference..

More like three and a half years, actually, the forever-young girl thought. Or spoke. Did it really matter? The differences between the two concepts mattered little to a spirit; an idea was conveyed, and that was the important thing. Besides, time mattered even less to one such as her..

She had been working behind the scenes ever since shortly after her death. She had seen her brother's fall to the darkness, she had tried to put up road blocks, dead ends, anything to try and steer him away from his path of destruction. She should have known her brother better than that. He just wouldn't give up trying to find her killer..

She shook her head sadly. Or not.. again, such things didn't matter but for the conveyance of an idea. She had finally decided to appear to him, to try to steer him right.. or at the very least, keep him alive until someone else could save him.

She knew what was happening. She saw the others, the others she had called family.. she saw their pain, their hardships, their suffering, but she knew there was nothing much she could do to help them.. The Force was all leading them to their inevitable reunion, anyways. She allowed herself what passed for a smile. It was amusing that the machines she had designed to defend her would be used to protect her friends.. and, at the same time, limit her involvement in their lives to almost nothing. Irony.

She saw what was occurring in the other parts of the universe. She saw the dawn of a new day in evil.. different than before, but still very, very deadly. She, perhaps more than anyone else, knew its capabilities; she had, after all, played a key role in its initial devastating spread.. But, again, she could do little about it. She knew her task: keep her brother alive, let him find his old friends, let him find his way back to who he once was, not the monster he had become.

There was still good in him, she knew.

She watched with eyes that knew no distance, no time.. She listened with ears that knew no sound. She felt with a body that no longer existed, a soul which existed everywhere.

The girl named Eliana knew that she couldn't hold on to the physical world much longer, her far-too-short, far-too-feeble grasp already waning. She had to do what she could, while she could..

Then, when her time truly came.. She could at last know peace.