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Postby HeartBreaker Series8 on Tue Jul 01, 2008 6:25 pm

The next transmition was about 5 minutes later, the Geelan on the other end snickering into the comm before responding sarcastically,

::Equinox, obviously yer salvaging protocols leave somethin ta be desired, as yer unable er unwilling ta contact those who be havin' claim to a site you'd wish ta be explorin'. Our leader has heard tell o' yer employer's exploits however an' wishes tha honor o' personally welcoming him ta Needan. A small welcoming committee is bein' dispatched to tha location o' tha energy bloom, it shall be arrivin' in four standard hours. Prime Out::

With that, the comm went dead.
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Re: Open Board

Postby Atrus on Tue Jul 01, 2008 6:33 pm

"Frack!" Kara screamed, banging her hands against the console. With a flurry she dialed into the shuttles system and frantically yelled for someone to answer.

::Calm down Kara! What's going on?:: Jarn asked.

Kara leaned over the console. "Is Atrus there?"

::I'm right here. What's going on?:: Came the reply.

"It's the Geelan's. They're sending a 'welcoming committee' to your location that'll be there in four hours. Whatever you're gonna be doing down there, you better do it soon!"

::Copy that. We'll be long gone by the time they get here, just gonna go in, find what's there to find, and get out.:: Atrus said.

Kara sighed and shook her head, moving over to the small refresher. This was going to be a tense four hours, and she needed a drink.
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Re: Open Board

Postby Kevin on Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:25 pm

The Ill Fate emerged from Needan's atmosphere on the night side of the frigid planet, blasting through space as its autopilot took it away from the planet, away from its star, while its pilot was occupied dealing with the proverbial ghosts of his past.

Unfortunately, his ghosts were a good deal less proverbial.

"Nanii." He had finally recovered his wits enough to respond properly. "How can you still call us a family? After all that's happened, after everything.. How are we still a family?"

<That's not something that can just "go away," Cao. It's something that stays forever.>

"That's not true. It can't be true: we're human. We don't stay forever. Elly's dead. Everyone is gone. We-.."

<You think that because Elly died, we can't still be a family? That that tore us apart?>

"Yes. I think that's exactly what's happened."

<Let me ask you something, then. What was the other thing she always said? The other thing she always lived by? It's three words, Cao. Remember?>

He nodded, slowly. He knew that phrase, too. "Aliit ori'shya tal'din. Family is more than blood."

<Right. And what does that mean to you, Cao?>

"It means.. it means exactly what it says."

<Family is more than blood. We aren't related, Cao, but we're still family. But it's more than that. Bloodlines.. they don't always last forever. They can die.>

"Like Elly."

<Like Elly. Do you miss her?>

He scoffed at the question. "Of course I do."

<Do you still love her?>

That got him to shut up. After all the things he had just said.. "I-.."

<Yes or no. Do you still love her?>


<Then she's still your family, and you're hers. She's gone, but you're still family. So what makes you think the same isn't true for the rest of us?>

He didn't respond until he heard the second voice pop up. ~She's right.~

"I know."

~You, me, Nanii, Vyra, Raan.. we're still family, Cao.~

His eye twitched at the mention of Raan Jade.. The last time they'd spoken, he'd promised to kill the red-haired Jedi. But Vyra.. "Where is Vyra, anyway? I haven't heard from her in a while..."

Both voices laughed, briefly, before Elly spoke up again. ~You're really behind on the times, huh? Look it up, vod.~

Confused, he turned his attention to the Ill Fate's control panel, bringing up the computer's HoloNet access, and entering a search for Vyra Salicaire. There were only two recent reports. One, dated over three years ago, was a notice about how the much-anticipated wedding between the two Jedi had been abruptly and inexplicably broken off. Vilus stared at the date again, as he finally found a place for it in his mind.

Right before Eliana died. Raan left, and she-..

His sister's voice broke off that dark line of thought before it could come to completion. ~The second article, Cao.~

Sighing, he brought up the other report..


CORAL CITY, Mon Calamari

The serene calm of Coral City was violently shattered barely an hour ago, as local authorities report that a high profile resident has been taken hostage. The lobby of her apartment complex is scoured with police officers, and the entire city is locked down until further notice.

Our reporters managed to grab Commissioner Virulian Ackbar, cousin of the esteemed New Republic's Admiral Ackbar, who gave us the details.

"From the looks of things now, a group of Rodians attempted to take the young woman hostage in her own home, until they were interrupted and murdered. The new assailant then took their hostage as his own, carrying her as a piece of carpeting, judging by the lack of sheets on Miss Salicaire's bed."

Police say that the kidnapper is a large Kiffar man, just over two meters in height, dressed in dark clothing with a lean build and features described in the documentation as stolid. The markings described are two solid black circles tattooed on the eye sockets, and New Republic officials are searching Kiffu and Kiffex for a tribe with that description. In addition, local authorites are currently searching for a Doomtreader-class freighter, famous as being the ship preferred by the infamous bounty hunter known as Montross.

Of interesting note is the body count, unusually high for a kidnapping that was otherwise perfectly executed. Four Rodian mercenaries are under examination, as well as two dozen military combatants and an unnamed Port Manager, the latter two incinerated by the escaping ship's engines. Injuries sustained during this time are that of an undercover New Republic narcotics officer, who reported that his bantha leather jacket was stolen, containing his badge. Also, a port worker claims to have a broken foot on account of the kidnapper, although the claim is of undisclosed veracity.

Various civilians are complaining about the extensive charring to the hulls on their ships, damage that our Economics division calculates to be no more than a few hundred credits in total. More on this story as it comes in.

ADDED INFORMATION: The New Republic has placed a bounty on the yet-to-be-identified Kiffar attacker, with a sum of 30,000 credits to be paid upon delivery. Target is wanted alive for questioning.


Vilus blinked. That was recent. Very recent. So she had been on Mon Calamari.. communicating with him across all that distance when he had been on Haruun Kal. And that was why she had stopped, and Nanii had stepped in...

<Looks like you've got your next course already plotted for you.>
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Postby Atrus on Thu Mar 26, 2009 7:27 pm

Peden, Jarn, Duna, and Kara were standing in the main hold of the frigate, talking quietly amongst themselves. The autopilot was taking them to where they would meet with Vilus. Jarn's damaged hand was covered by a small canister full of bacta, and he was holding it up with his other hand. They had laid Atrus in the small medical bay they had and then had left to explain what happened to Kara. The second Atrus appeared, Kara moved toward him and punched him in the face, sending him sprawling to the ground.

"You kriffing bantha! You just don't know when to quit!" Kara yelled, even as Peden grabbed her by the shoulder and tugged her away from Atrus.

Atrus stood unsteadily, holding the side of his face that Kara had hit. "I guess I deserved that."

"And a helluva lot more! But it'll have to wait!" Peden said, finally letting go of his daughter. "Let's just go pay that Jedi, or Sith, or whatever he is, and then get out of here."

The others nodded silently and then all five of them moved to a large table as the contents of all the bags were emptied onto it. The majority of it was broken holocrons, the fragments in a pile. Then there was the very few holocrons that seemed to be undamaged. Atrus wondered silently if the Jedi might be able to repair the broken ones. Finally there was the heavy stone box that Atrus had taken. He lifted the lid off and set it down gently next to the box, his eyes locked on what was within.

There appeared to be several layers of clothing and then a robe, all folded neatly. On top of all of it was an old looking metal cylinder. Atrus picked it up and pressed the most prominent switch on it, causing a rustic looking red and orange blade of energy to spring forth. No one spoke as they looked at it, and then it was deactivated and placed back in the box. Atrus placed the cover of the box back on and looked up at the others.

"This was never found." He said.

The others nodded slowly in understanding. A sudden beeping told them that they had arrived at the meeting place.
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Re: Open Board

Postby Kevin on Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:51 pm

"Wait. How is my next course plotted for me?"

<We need to find Vyra.>


<Uhh.. She's been kidnapped? Duh?>

"..You expect me to go after her. You're serious."


"What do you expect me to find on Mon Calamari, Na'an? If there were any leads to be found, the New Republic would have followed them already."

It was his sister who answered him on that. ~Even if you don't find her, Cao, you may find.. something else.~

"And what, pray tell, would that be?"

~It's a beautiful planet. Sure, home was beautiful, too.. but Mon Calamari is simply spectacular.~

Confusion invaded Vilus's mind. "Are you becoming a tour guide?"

~I'm saying it's the place where I'd lived out the rest of my days.~

"Elly, you don't have any-.." The conversation was cut short by a steady beeping from the computer system. They had reached the rendezvous point. "If you'll excuse me.."

He reached over and toggled the comm open. ::Equinox, permission to dock?::
I have walked among the Angels for 3,000 years. Time has no end, no beginning, no peace.
I wandered the earth, seeking forgiveness for my own crimes against God. I live to see death, destruction, evil over the years.
But the light cannot be the destination. I live in the prison of my own demise.
I am lost in time.

"You are a god among insects. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise." -- Magneto to Pyro
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