Teffu Giba

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Teffu Giba

Postby Bright Eyes on Mon Jul 13, 2009 3:00 pm

Name: Teffu Giba
Age: 31
Eye Color: White
Skin Color: 'Moonlight' - pale bluish
Hair Color: Bright Yellow
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 150 lbs
Species/Race: Galacian aka Moon People/ Near-Human
Home World: Gala/Outer Rim
Political Affiliation: Free Enterprise

Weapons: x2 golden WESTAR-34 blaster pistols, KX-80 Repeating Blaster Rifle (in ship), stun gauntlet, wrist laser(hidden), vibroknife (hidden)


Gambler (master)

Diplomat (proficient)

Pilot (expert)

Business Sense (adept)

Mechanic (dabbler)


-blaster (expert)

-hand to hand (adept)

-melee (dabbler)

Transportation: Refurbished Dynamic-class freighter Faded Fortune

Companion: R3-6B astromech

Occupation: Gambler, Venture Capitalist, and occasional gigolo/bounty hunter

Appearance: Standing in a relaxed posture, very distinctive pale skin, a muted blueish tone, gentleman brushes some dirt from a sleeve of his bright orange evening suit, shining slicked back (and well coiffed) golden yellow eye brows arched in disdain. Running a long delicate fingered hand through matching short flowing hair, the Galacian's eyes twinkle; hands returning to a comfortably familiar position at his wide white belt, a pair of golden blaster pistols riding each perky hip.

Personality: Easy going, people person; comfortable with aristocracy or dirt farmers

Background/History: Son of a Hill People Mother and Urban People Father who met during the Galacian Gubernatorial election, in 44 BBY. Moved back and forth between two tribes; gave him an odd identity complex; though being able to pass in both cultures became second nature. Trained in the warrior ways for both cultures as well, young Giba always enjoyed flying his planets famous Galan Fighters. Thus did a love of space and the stars stem.

Always wanted to travel the cosmos, start his own people; the true Moon People. But after doing his mandatory time in the Gala Defense Force, the galaxy didn't will it to be and the young the young hotshot instead became wrapped up in the map cap adventures of a well to do dandy gun for hire. In the days of the Galactic Civil War; times were fast and loose, the young man used all advantages available to him; including his combat training.

Bringing in bounties elevated his reputation though; while his skin, charm, and wit took a now well seasoned Teffu Giba that extra step. Finding an extreme infatuation with the good times of gambling and the perks of a large social circle, Teffu intended to let the good times roll and if he needed credits or a way out, the good old boy had always discovered one. Good reputations sometimes led to bad things, after all.
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