20 year old Lambda-class shuttle (Gettaway)

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20 year old Lambda-class shuttle (Gettaway)

Postby Corrupt on Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:25 am

Traveling through the myriad and twisted contours of hyperspace, the 2 occupants stare at each other. One with an insolent smile, the other with a snarl on her lips.

Sitting with his feet up on the controls, Corr watched the woman carefully wondering whether she'd be foolish enough to try anything. He'd watched her put in the co-ordinates for the first stop of this run and saw nothing amiss. A safe enemy is a dead enemy! He remembered his step-fathers words well yet the other side of his heritage shied away from casual execution. He sighed as she turned away to watch the swirling blue maelstrom out of the viewports.

I'll decide her fate later. Maybe Raan will know what to do with her.... if I can find him! He reached out, trying to find a familiar beacon but only got the vague impression of heading to the mid rim. Ah well. Its a start. Corr checked his armor and activated his motion sensor in his visor before settling back to await the end of the run.
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