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Atton's A-wing.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:27 am
by Atton Kaelan
Atton leaned back in the seat in his much as one could lean back in the small cockpit of the interceptor. One thing that he never really liked about this craft was the tiny space inside that made long hyperspace travels like this very uncomfortable. His dislike for long meditations weren't helping either, as sitting still for several hours doing almost nothing was hard for him. But he had an answer to that.

The young knight fished around in the inside pocket of his cloak and finally withdrew a Pazaak deck. While no longer widely played around the galaxy anymore, it still passed the time during voyages like these. He shuffled the deck a few times, then began levitating the cards in front of him with the Force and started playing Pazaak against himself. As he played, he made a mental note to get himself a bigger ship, with a table, climate control and a well stocked bar.