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Re: Pygmalion-Recovery

Postby K-Bar on Mon May 25, 2009 12:35 pm

It doesn't matter if he likes me or not. He respects me. And that's all I've ever cared about.

Berlin nodded, then stood up and moved for the door. He hadn't gotten very far before a low, grumbling roar issued from behind him.

"Where do you think you're going?"

He sighed heavily, not turning to face Joshekk as the old Wook came up behind him. "To lend aid to a member of my crew."

"These aren't your crew anymore."

"Fair point. I'm going to lend aid to a fellow human being in need."

"You still can't be unsupervised out there."

"Oh, for the love of-.. LOOK!" Berlin turned on his heel and found himself face-to-face with the Wookiee.. rather, face-to-chest, as Joshekk's face was several feet above the top of the former Captain's head. He raised his head and stared straight into Joshekk's eyes, not shying away at all while he spoke. "What could I POSSIBLY do out there if left on my own? I'm just an old man, unarmed. Let's set aside the fact that there's a killer droid on board. Let's even set aside the fact that the ship is being run by a young, ambitious, Force-using man. I don't care what you say, this is my ship, and this is my crew. Doesn't matter if they're loyal to me, to Lecter, or to the Secret Coalition of Gamorrean Philosophers. I wouldn't do ANYTHING to put them in danger."

The Wookiee just stared back down at him, not offering any comment, and so Berlin continued. "The only thing I want is to help my people. And it's not in their best interests -- or mine -- for me to attempt to do anything except help them. And that's what I'm going to do."

Joshekk held his gaze for a few moments more, before finally tilting his head a fraction of an inch towards the door. "Go, then."

Berlin blinked once, then felt the shadow of a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. "Thank you." With that, he turned and stepped out of the medical bay, heading towards where the sounds of the rather loud commotion had issued from.
Broken desolation,
Every hope now lays alone.
Trust forever shaken,
Reaching out to the unknown.
All the times we had and shared,
You push them to the past.
Afterwards I've come to see,
Love can never last.
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Re: Pygmalion-Recovery

Postby almighty_smiley on Tue May 26, 2009 8:03 pm

Leo, his Giggledust high thoroughly dissipated by the macabre display of power and brutality that fell before his eyes, wasted no time in scrambling over to Bendix after he had time to absorb the minimalistic spectacle. The young man tore his eyes away from Bendix's shattered body; Leo lost his high, and he figured that he probably didn't need to lose his dinner. Hells, merely hours after a rancor massacred the crew, and already another frightening display of violence shook him to his core. Wasn't the best day he'd ever had, he solemnly figured. Getting Bendix's arm over his shoulders, he heaved as he lifted the broken man from the floor, shooting a small, almost desperate look toward Vyra before he too vanished into the relatively dark hallway. But something had happened. A stirring within him. Nothing major, mind, but Leo had been shellshocked to the Ninth Hell and back by two back-to-back bloody horrors, both of which were instigated by the same man.

And if it meant not having to see any more wanton violence, Leo decided then and there that he would be very happy to depose that man.


The red light beeped as Crow walked into the pilot's seat of the empty cockpit, the swirling blue void of hyperspace stretching into infinity before him. The same void, Crow remembered, he had mused on before moving to Dathomir. An alternative to space, with the power to induce madness on any who gazed into its bright depths for too long a period; something the droid would forever be invulnerable to. Originally, it had been a mere observation, nothing more than a passing thought for the purpose of passing time. But now, as his mysterious virus manifested itself deeper and deeper into his core system, he couldn't help but feel envy for anybody who did fall victim to hyper-rapture; even the raving lunatics, while much less able in faculty, were at least capable of being plagued by such a thing. Capable of being affected. It was this that stopped Crow's thoughts for a split-second; if he could not be affected by his environment, then how could he possibly adapt and react to it? How could he live?

And that line of thought stopped the machine cold.

Living wasn't his purpose. He was a machine, and he knew that machines didn't live. Droids were not sentient beings, no matter how much they may resemble them. Crow took this as a simple fact; nothing worth spending time on. It was just the way things were. Were being the operative term, Crow figured. The game had changed significantly over the past few weeks, and the droid no longer saw things as he used to. Perceived, anyway; his HUD and photoreceptors had yet to be affected by the virus. But with each passing moment, Crow grew less and less contented with his status as an unfeeling, unthinking construct. Outright living, however, no matter how much Crow may have figured that probability could arise.

No matter how badly Crow may have wanted it to.

The droid stopped his train of thought almost as instantly as he began it; if he stalled much longer, he would miss their fallback destination; Lecter's safehouse and small stronghold. Taking a seat and strapping himself in, Crow pushed the throttle forward, cutting the hyperdrive and bringing the Pygmalion back into realspace, the sprawling moon of Nar Shaddaa replacing the bright blue emptiness that Crow had grown to loathe.
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Re: Pygmalion-Recovery

Postby SomethingDifferent on Thu May 28, 2009 3:05 am

Peko watched him go with a twinge of pride. The Berlin she knew and loved was finally showing his face again...those years in the cell had not changed him at all.
But her wounds and the effort of the last few hours were catching up to her, and she was getting tired. She shifted, curled a little, trying to get comfortable while having as much of her skin touching the armor plates as possible. If she couldn't get them all on, she at least wanted their protection. As she waited for sleep to come, she thought of what had changed since Dathomir. Each change came with its own picture.
Lady Salicaire, her face ghostly pale.
The scar on her thumb, now fresh.
Reyna in the rancor's mouth.
Crow, with eyes like Manaan water.
Lecter, sneering, furious.
Eliana's armor, now one plate less. Her security against the box.
The box itself. Grey on black on white.

Would it come back, if she slept?
"Oh, most definitely. Hello again, Nanii."

Peko's eyes slipped shut, and closed her in.
"We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams."
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